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Very Powerful Tricep Workout Tips

It is a known fact that to get big arms you have to work your triceps hard. The triceps make up about two thirds of your total arm mass while the biceps are really quite small. In order to build your triceps, you have to build them hard and smartly in order to maximize the effectiveness of triceps training.

You can really stretch the t-shirt sleeves by trying this workout. It contains three of the best triceps exercises that force the activation of more muscle fibers in your triceps which causes your muscles to grow more and faster. Also, this workout requires very little specialized equipment. The three exercises are:

  1. Bodyweight triceps extensions-two sets of eight to 12 reps
  2. In-set superset of lying triceps extensions and close-grip bench press-three sets of six to eight reps
  3. Bench dips-two sets of 10 to 12 or more reps.

You should take 90 seconds in between each of the sets for the three exercises.

Bodyweight triceps extensions-two sets of eight to 12 reps

This exercise requires a horizontal bar or edge that is approximately two feet off of the ground that has come clearance under it for you to put your head.

In-set superset of lying triceps extensions and close-grip bench press-three sets of six to eight reps

For the purposes of this exercise, one extension and one press counts as one rep. This superset meshes two exercises into a single set-one isolation exercise and one compound exercise.

For this exercise, you need an EZ Bar Lying Triceps Extensions and Close Grip Bench Press with the same EZ Bar. Use weight that you would be able to normally do 12 reps for lying extensions on their own. This technique is very intense-you will do one rep of extensions then one of close grip presses and alternate until you can't do any more extension reps-then you finish up with as many reps of the close grip presses you can. This superset technique maximizes your triceps training and allows you to work quite a few aspects of the same muscle at the same time, which increases your fitness workout efficiency. This exercise is best to be done lying on the floor.

Bench dips-two sets of 10 to 12 or more reps.

You can use a bench or a chair for this exercise.

This workout is very effective because it works your triceps hard and smart,
Now dip your upper body down as though scraping your back along the front edge of the bench. Push yourself back up, squeezing the triceps hard. The workout starts with an exercise that stretches the triceps while doing the exercise. The first benefit of this stretch, is the myotatic reflex, or stretch reflex. The quick change in direction causes more active muscle fibers than usual. The second benefit is helping to stretch the fascia around the muscle-the fascia is essentially a connective tissue pillow case that holds your muscle in place. Stretching this fascia helps to make room for the muscles to grow.

The second exercise, the in-set superset, combines two movements into one exercise. The extensions provide more stretch triceps exercises and the press gives you the compound triceps exercises that allow your shoulders and chest to help push the triceps harder.

Then we get to the third triceps exercise-the bench dip. This exercise allows for maximum contraction. By placing your arms behind your body, your triceps are in the best position for peak contraction. After stretching your triceps with the first exercise, then giving your triceps the double trouble of the in-set superset, you then hit them with the hardest contraction they can achieve. This combination of exercises will cause your triceps to develop very quickly.

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