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Skinny Guys - How To Gain Weight If It's Hard For You

Have you spent most of your life being the skinny weenie of a guy? The butt of others jokes and negative comments like “Oh you can’t do that, you’re too skinny and weak?” Always the last to be chosen for sports because everyone thinks you’d bomb out? Or you may just be fed up with being thin and you want to know how to really gain weight fast. This kind of negativity is damaging to self-esteem and self-confidence, casting a shadow over how you feel about life.

There could be many reasons why you are thin, but usually the most readily apparent one is genetics. If your parents are naturally thin or have small body frames, you’ll most likely have the same or similar body characteristics. But that is not to discourage you. I have researched and researched how to help teenagers gain weight and how to help adults to gain as well. Beleive me, you can do something about it. Read on!

Getting The Right Information for Skinny Guys Who Want to Know How to Gain Weight Fast and Naturally

Lack of weight can plague you all your life. It can affect how you stand - hunched over so you appear to vanish into yourself. It can affect how you relate to others - you could feel intimidated if one of your friends or colleagues is bigger than you. Take a good look at all the advertising about weight expectations and you’ll know the media hype says men should be strong and big - kind of like leviathans who are knights in shining armour. That being underweight is geeky, and good for your health. But, they don’t tell you how to pack on weight in a healthy fashion.

Maybe you have tried and failed at a variety of programs. Maybe you just got fed up and figured you are just not cut out for this game. Perhaps you tried steroids because you were desperate for results. (dangerous for your health) Or maybe you just didn’t how to gain weight. For instance, maybe you have a higher metabolic rate than others, meaning your body burns calories at a faster than normal rate. You need to take this into account when checking out diets and training programs.

The Bottom Line of How to Gain Weight and Musle

There’s good news here. Through a dynamite combination of diet and exercise you can turn this around and build a body to be reckoned with, and in the process, turn your whole life around. And wouldn’t that be fitting? If you have the determination, drive and willpower to make the transformation happen, you will be blown away by the results.

And you want to know what the secret is? Eating the RIGHT foods and getting the RIGHT exercise. The right foods are whole foods, low sugar, and plenty of fiber. You’re eating a lot of calories, not the junk on the market today. The RIGHT exercise is lifting weights and performing other exercises specifically designed to turn the food eaten into muscle mass.

Hard work? You bet it is, but is it ultimately worth it? Absolutely! So what do you do? First of all there are certain things you MUST do no matter what to get results. For instance, get the right information about what will work for YOU - your specific condition and goals. Talk to an expert on weight gain that has had the same problem you do. Who else would know best? Next, set yourself a specific goal and then create the plan you need to achieve it. In short, focus!

Have the confidence and BELIEVE in what you are doing because now you have a goal and a way to achieve that goal. Do not let anyone get in the way of that goal. It’s your dream, your goal, YOUR body - go kick some serious butt.


And what about your work out rules? The serious part of packing on muscle. What do you need to do? Well, the first thing is listen to your trainer. Period. They have YOUR best interests at heart and know you. The other dudes in the gym may mean well, but they have no clue about what YOU need to do. And another surprising rule? Workout INFREQUENTLY. Why? Because more does not equal more when it comes to weight lifting/training.

Weight training is supposed to stimulate muscle growth and actually, that takes very little time. So it works like this: work in the gym, rest. New muscle is built when resting not when working it until you drop. And here’s the clincher. If you have trouble gaining weight, then you need to rest MORE and train less. Okay, that got your attention. Now, when you are exercising you will need to use multi jointed lifts, the best peice of equipment for this are dumbells. They work many different muscle groups at the same time. These lifts really stress your body - good thing as it causes the greatest release of muscle building hormones. And voila, increased muscle gain overall.The key is to stimulate more muscle

There are so many other simple yet effective things you can do to increase your muscle mass you’ll be totally amazed. Use free weights, lift weights that are a challenge for you, and keep your workouts short but intense. Your skinny days will be over before you know it if you stick to this type of program.

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